Challenge Information

Featured Challenges

  • How can we leverage technology to address the steep increase in homelessness, and help people struggling to get back on their feet?
  • How can technology be used to inform and shape peoples' minds towards serving and loving refugees and immigrants in our city?
  • How can new technologies such as Amazon's Alexa be used in Christian transformation and discipleship?

Other Challenges

Here are some ideas to foster conversation and further development. If you'd like to start on one of these prior to the hackathon, feel free to.

  • Can we develop IoT devices that help the developing world or aid workers?
  • How can technology be utilized to encourage communication and collaboration among local churches?
  • How can local government data be used in developing tools that help address issues in our city and beyond?
  • How can we use Bible data provided by Faith Comes by Hearing to reach the unreached right in our backyard?

In addition to these challenges, we encourage participants to bring their own. There will be time to share your ideas on Friday night, as well as time to shuffle teams on Saturday morning as needed. If you have any questions about pitching an idea, please email us at info [at]